Life Goes On

And, you know what, life is good.

I removed myself from all social events over the weekend because I knew I was not fit for company. I put all of George's items into storage and her kitty condo made its way to my parents' house where their cats are enjoying it.

I've managed to blink back the tears when I'm with someone but there were several spontaneous bouts of sudden and extensive sobbing while I was home alone. I suspect that may happen for a while but with decreasing frequency. Everyone at work has been very kind and trying not to upset me.

Yesterday morning convinced me it was time to exit the pit of despair. It started out great. I had good hair and a great fitting pair of jeans on. When I slid into my car, my thought was, "Yeah, still bitchen!". When I started it up, I was serenaded my Eddie Money.

Good times.

The day kept getting better, too. I went to a going away Happy Hour for a dear co-worker. She was smart enough to use our tuition reimbursement program to get her degree in Nursing. In the meantime, she was a great employee for eight years. I'm very excited for her as she starts her new job in her chosen field.

She's also so fantastic that I even let her hug me.


After that, I headed to our "local" pizza joint for dinner with friends. I emphasize local because it's actually 20 miles from my house but it's where we gather. My friends were very caring and let me share my grief.

After that, I decided to see what was going on at the Elk's so I hooked up with a few friends there to close out the evening. Again, everyone was great and it was lovely to spend time with people who are very important to me.

All in all, it was a good day.

I know I'll never have another George but I know the pain of losing her will lessen as time goes on. And, I know I'll invite more furry friends into my life further down the road.

In the interim, I'm going to try to focus on all the goodness surrounding me. Because there is an abundance of good out there.


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