Mental Health Day

The last few weeks have been filled with too many work problems to mention, some big, some small. I've come in to work several times to find myself in the middle of a storm. I've been hit up with issues before I've even got out of my jammies. I've had days of meeting after meeting with no time for actual "work". Many of us have also felt the pressure of getting a major project done that went live this week. Oh, and scheduling our next trip to Germany for another major project has been time consuming.

That's just the work stuff.

I've had delivery issues with Amazon that have been infuriating. First, packages that said delivered but never showed up. Then a replacement package that said the Dock and signed by Doyle. I have no dock at my condo and I also have no Doyle. (That wouldn't be a bad pet name, though.) That package showed up the next day which saved Amazon and UPS from a wrathful harangue but they're not off the hook yet. I have a few more things coming that were supposed to arrive yesterday.

And, there are a bunch of other things that normally wouldn't be a big deal but at my current stress level are likely to send me off into a rage.

The work stuff has turned into a running gag. Something happens and I tell the person whose responsibility it is that they're fired. I think I've even fired the messenger and I've also fired a guy for making me late to a meeting by two minutes. So, I'm clearly not being too discriminating about it. Also, one guy got a "Return your bonus check" email from me.

Fortunately, they keep coming back to work and no one has cried. Or, reported me for creating a hostile work environment.

Last night, I was out with a few co-workers, including the VP of HR and I told them I was tired of firing people over the past few weeks. I think I nearly gave her a heart attack because she thought, for a moment, that I was serious and she didn't know anything about it.

On Monday, I saw that I had no meetings scheduled for Friday so I blocked off the day just in case I wanted to take it off. I didn't want to have to mess with moving meetings at the last minute.

On Tuesday, I knew I wanted to take it. I emailed my "mutually bad influence" buddy to see if he could play hooky in the afternoon. Maybe hit a spring training game or watch some hoops. He didn't reply back so he got a "are you ignoring me" text from me last night. Fortunately, he's used to me being an impatient brat to him. Although, to be fair, he is the type you have to push.

We have a plan. I'm going to run errands tomorrow morning that have been piling up. Then, we're going to park ourselves at the Vine and watch NCAA games in the afternoon. After that, well, there's no telling what we'll do. There's that "mutual bad influence" thing in action.

Of course, a bunch of people on my team are threatening to call me or text me. However, I think it will take the building burning down before they actually do it.

Unless, they really want to be fired.


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