Parrot Grande Saturday Night - Party Followed by a Party

Saturday night at Parrot Grande found us dancing and singing along with Jim Asbell and the Tropiholics. What a great party it was! Everyone had a great time and the dance floor stayed full most of the time.

Of course, there was a conga line and it was led by Lisa of the Tropiholics. I managed to avoid getting sucked into it; it's just not my thing. But, the vast majority of the folks took part.

The band sounded great. Even after the many tequila shots that Pirate Rick was feeding them. It seemed like every time I turned around, he was carrying a tray of shots in from the bar. Yikes!

Jim told us that we were a great group and, while he may have been blowing smoke, he said that the number of folks still partying at the end of the night was more than they're used to.

But, we weren't all done partying.

We closed out the ballroom and headed up to the penthouse floor of the resort. There's a big common area up there and we must have had 40 people hanging out and continuing the festivities.

Hire this guy!

To any Parrot Head group considering hiring Bob Karwin - do it! I mean that as no slight to anyone else we had. All of our musicians were wonderful but Bob led the post-party party and he was great. He started out with his R rated material which we loved and did lots of sing alongs which we also loved.

The energy level was really high considering the time of night and the alcohol blood levels of the crowd. Jim, Todd, Ray and Sam (I'm thinking Lisa was "asleep" at this point thanks to Pirate Rick) joined Bob on several songs and a few of us helped out on percussion.

I don't know how long the party lasted. I hit the wall and put myself to bed before it was over. Norene was already in the room reading her book when I got home. I announced that I was really toasted and she asked if her light was going to bother me. It didn't at all. I think I was out 2 minutes after I hit the bed.

Good times, good times.

Here are some of Julie and Pirate Rick's pics (I gave up the photo work after golf).

Last Stan Manning and Blondie.

Crowd shot.


Captain Tom helping Bob with percussion.

Bob, Jim and Todd jamming.

All the girls like Bob.

Goat's trying to pick up some guitar tips.

Rock stars!

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