File Under "Things you didn't know you needed until you got them"

When I got my bitchen' new car (which I am still totally in love with in case you couldn't tell), it had SiriusXM radio. I would never have subscribed to it because I'm content with the radio and a handful of CDs and I was already looking at a car payment for the first time in two years. Ouch.

The car came with three sets of preset so I can program in 18 channels. The first week I got the car, my bestest Canadian friend and I sat in a parking lot after beer and wings and set the first six channels.

Of course, Radio Margaritaville was in position number one, followed by Classic Rewind, Classic Vinyl, Deep Tracks, The Highway and Willie's Roadhouse. I thought it was a nice mixture of trop rock, classic rock and new and old country.

Between my local country FM station for their morning show and traffic updates and those six stations the rest of the time, I was content. But, I decided it was silly not to fill up the other twelve presets so I did a little research and came up with the second tier.

SiriusXM Hits 1, 50s on 5, 60s on 6, 70s on 7, 80s on 8 and 90s on 9 were set up next. And, then I was in nirvana. It's so awesome! I just go up and down the channels and hardly ever leave that tier.

I spend most of my time on 80s on 8 because that's the era where pop was the best ever. I could be biased because those are my late high school and college years and that's the time when everyone really gets into music but, seriously, it's the most fun. 70s on 7 is my next favorite and probably because that music was still being played in the 80s. The 50s and 60s are my next preferences and I spend the least amount of time on the 90s and the current hits. I think that's because I was firmly committed to Country by the 90s and I barely know the main pop singers of today. Truly, I heard my first Adele song a month ago.

I did program the third tier with mostly Country and I like it but I just can't seem to get past that second tier. Pop Goes The World!

The subscription will end at some point and I'll have to sign up for myself. Because, I will be so sad if I don't have it anymore. Driving might not even be fun anymore.

Kidding on the last part. I love driving my bitchen' car!


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