Theme Song

You know how when you hear certain songs, you immediately are brought back to a place or time in your life that will always be associated with that song?

Well, this song is irrevocably tied to my trip to Des Moines last week for me.

Not that anything mentioned in the song related to my last trip. We didn't go on any back roads, we didn't drink cold beers while we were driving and we didn't do any rapping.

The reason that it's tied to Des Moines forever is that we heard it ALL THE DAMN TIME!

Dawnie had it on her iPod. I don't know if she had it on there a gazillion times (doubtful) or if it somehow got marked as the most popular or if her random algorithm was busted but we couldn't escape the song.

Driving from the airport to Tyson's house, the song came on. Heading to some friends' place, we heard it. Running to the grocery store, it played. Just listening to the iPod in the house and it came on several times.

I don't want to exaggerate but I wish we'd counted because I suspect it was featured over a dozen times in the couple of days that I was there. It's not like she only has a few songs on there, her iPod is packed. And, we didn't play it constantly, either.

It seemed only fitting that I also heard it on the radio as I was driving home from the airport.


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