Two Babies I Didn't Steal

But, I was tempted.

I loves me the babies. Kids after they can start talking back to you? Not so much. But give me a little one to snuggle with and I'm extremely happy.

We had a company picnic the weekend before last and one of my co-workers said he was bringing his daughter. I couldn't wait to see her. They showed up with her in her stroller and I was immediately baby talking to her and telling her that her Daddy would know where she was if she went missing because I would have her. She played shy but she did smile at me a lot.

Later in the day, he was carrying her around to visit and stopped to see Steven and me as we were running the balloon toss event. He asked if I wanted to hold her and I mentally thought "Uh, duh" but I was more gracious than that verbally. What a doll!

The first victim was my hoop earring which she pulled out and tried to put in her mouth. Steven rescued that. My sunglasses were next so Steven took those, too. That left just my hair to pull on which was not a bother at all because it doesn't hurt me unless someone completely yanks on it.

After a bit, Steven took possession and that little girl showed her finely honed flirting skills. She alternated putting her head on his shoulder with leaning back to look up at him. I'm pretty sure she was batting her eyes at him as well. He loved it, of course. We share the baby fascination trait.

Shameless Flirt
Last week, we had a retirement party at work and recruited a lot of former employees to participate, either through giving us something to put in a scrapbook we made or coming in to the party itself. One of my friends brought her daughter in (the last time I saw her was when she was two weeks old - where does the time go?). 

I chatted her up but didn't take possession until the room was almost empty. There were a lot of people around and I didn't want her to freak out by getting separated from her Mom. Once I got her, we had a little baby talk conversation and I literally bounced her on my knee and tickled her baby belly.

What's with all the people?

Is there anything sweeter than a baby's smile? I think not.


mariag said…
So fun to read about my Amelia girl on your blog! She definitely enjoyed you too as there was not a single tear - and that doesn't happen with everyone. We will have to do another visit soon.

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