It's Bigger On The Inside

We are counting down the days to going live with the project that will not end. (I should trademark or copyright or whatever it is you do to own verbiage.) Everyone's on their last nerve but at the same time so worn down that it's hard to get emotional. We just all seem beat. I know I am since I've gone home  this week and not even looked at my computer for hours. And, one night, I didn't even log in at all.

However, my day and week and month were completely made today when I came in to find this in my cube:

I'm ready for my trip!
Is that cool or what!?!?

It made my heart happy.

Of course, I had to post it on Facebook right away where I soon found that some of my friends are not Whovians. I might have to rethink those relationships. ;-)

It was a gift from one of my co-workers and I suspect it will move around the department quite a bit. We may put it in front of an empty cube and use it as our getaway spot.

"Where's IT?"

"Oh, they're in the Tardis!"

Now, I'm just waiting for The Doctor to show up and take me away.


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