Can't Breathe, Might Vomit...

This is kind of a two part story.

The first part is that I have the plague. Or, something bad, anyway. I started feeling bad last Monday, yes, that's twelve days ago for those who are counting. I toughed it out at work last week but had to call in nearly dead after that.

Really, nearly dead. I've slept more in the last week than my cat has. True story.

Since Sunday, I've left my house four times.

1. Library since I was out of books. I picked up five and read them in four days.
2. Circle K for soda and licorice. Why licorice? I'm sick, dammit, and I wanted it. "We're a Twizzlers family!"
3. Grocery store because I was actually out of fruit and other healthy snacks. I did buy more Twizzlers. I'm weak but I may be over the craving.
4. Doctor's office, pharmacy and library again. This time, I got six books so I'm hoping I can last until the antibiotics have finished.

The second part of the story is from when I was at the grocery store. I'm standing in the check out line in a feverish state and trying not to touch anything because I'm contagious when a guy gets in the line behind me.

A guy with a smoker's stink circle that must have extended at least six feet in every direction from him.

My stomach started churning and, trying to breathe shallowly, I move as far away from him as I could. It wasn't far enough to avoid the stink but at least I didn't hurl.

I know several smokers. Thankfully, fewer now than in days past. None of them reek like this guy. I think he must have dumped his ashtray then rolled in the ashes like dogs do in poop. It was so bad that I wanted to not only take a shower when I got home, but I wanted to wash my groceries, too. Unfortunately, paper products don't wash well.

You'd think someone near to him would tell him. But, maybe they have and he just doesn't care.


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