Movie Review - Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Apparently, a hoodie is the best disguise ever!
This was another I'm home sick and it was free. This time courtesy of Amazon Prime.

I've only seen the first MI movie, way back in 1996. As I recall, we watched after a night out at the bar so it's pretty hazy. I remember not following the plot at all. That could have been the alcohol or it could have been the movie. I suspect a combination.

I felt like I missed some of the plot from this one, too. Not from drinking, though. I paused it a couple of times to make dinner and that was enough to make me go, "Now, what were they doing again?"

There were some cool bits like Cruise climbing the skyscraper. The bit at the end with the car factory (display room?) was too ridiculous for words, though.

And, I don't care how much you're getting paid as a henchman. You're not going to help the guy who wants to nuke the world. Seriously. 

Great eye candy in Josh Holloway and Jeremy Renner. I could look at either of them all day long. I have to confess that Cruise is showing his age a bit but still looks damn good. Too bad he's bat shit crazy. 

I don't feel dumber for having watched it but I also feel no compulsion to go watch the two movies in the series that I've missed.


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