Movie Review - Battleship

Ever get to that point where you have the plague and you've cleared your DVR and read all of your books and you just finished your second nap of the day so you're looking, desperately, for something to occupy your mind? Yeah, that was me and I turned on the TV to HBO and Battleship was starting in 2 minutes and I was too lazy to turn the channel.

It actually wasn't that bad. You did have to suspend all disbelief. Not about aliens attacking the Earth because that can totally happen. No, the suspension of disbelief is how Riggins could possibly have made it to Lieutenant in the Navy considering what a frakk-up he was. Not even having Eric Northman as your older brother already a Navy star could have made that happen. Really, Navy, you're that desperate?

Speaking of Eric, why was there not at least one scene with him with his shirt off? Dear, Eric's agent, write that it in to every contract. Sex sells and he's the hottest boy on the planet and you'll make a lot of money. You're welcome.

One shot like this would have gotten the movie another star.
It was pretty much your average sci-fi flick and had all the usual plot points.

  1. Hot headed bad boy loves good girl and her Dad disapproves.
  2. Two guys hate each other but at the end of the movie are best buds.
  3. Revenge!
  4. Aliens are bad.
  5. Redemption is good.
  6. Comedic relief guy (the other guy from Friday Night Lights in is case) actually provides some good insight.
  7. Nerd comes through with some boldness.
  8. The world is saved, albeit with a lot of destruction.

My usual guideline on these movies is if I feel dumber after watching them (I'm talking to you Transformers:  Revenge of the Fallen and The Mummy:  Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Oh, and don't think I've forgotten you, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.), then they were total crap. If I feel like I still have all of my brain cells, they're decent.

Will I watch this again? No. Did I enjoy it? Yes. It was a great way to pass some time and there was enough in it to keep my feverish brain entertained.


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