There I was, sitting quietly at my desk when my Yahoo inbox got 74 new messages. Most were delivery failures and it took me a few scroll downs to see a message with what was allegedly sent out that was getting the rejects and out of office messages.

It was some bullshit hack with the subject "news" and had two links in it. And, I say allegedly sent out because there's nothing in my Sent Mail. But, obviously it went to all of my (thousands) of contacts.


I immediately changed my password but I really have no idea if that even matters. My old password was what they call "highly secure". It had both lower and uppercase, a number and a special character. I don't know how much more I can do to make it unbreakable.

By the time I had my password changed, the messages via FB, text and my gmail account were coming in from friends. "It looks like your account was hacked." I really, really appreciate the warning but after responding to 15 or so of them, I was like, "I FRAKKING KNOW!" Of course, they were just trying to help and I'm not bitchy like that so I just replied to the later ones with something like "I know. Thx".

I wish someone would tell me what the hackers get out of this. I sincerely hope that most people would see those types of messages and think, "I got this email from Kathy with just links and no explanation and it doesn't have her usual email signature. I'm just going to ignore it because it looks unsafe."

So, only a few people must click on the links and what do the links then do? I really don't know. Try to sell you enhancement drugs? Try to trick you into installing spy software on your machine? It's got to be something to make this all worthwhile.

BTW, I considered sending a new message to all my contacts saying, "Please ignore my last message. I was hacked and have changed my password." However, I'm pretty sure Yahoo would have decided I was a spammer and prevented me from sending that out.

Why they can't prevent someone else from emailing all of my contacts is beyond me. Get someone on that, Yahoo!


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