Well, That Was Strange

As I was going out the door from my Doc's office this morning, an older woman (here's where I get in trouble because she was probably in her 50s) was coming in. She looked down at my MOTM hoodie and said, quite enthusiastically, "Green! Yay!"

I was a bit startled and could only come back with a "Yeaaaaah!?"

Now, I wished I'd stopped her and asked her what was so exciting about my green hoodie.

Maybe she's celebrating St. Patrick's Day early.

Maybe she has a mental disorder that only allows her to respond to colors.

Maybe she was on a scavenger hunt and needed to find people with coats of various colors.

Maybe she's in a gang and green is their color.

Maybe she just really likes green.

I kind of want to know what the deal was.


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