Goodbye Debit Card!

She really should have her own reality show...

On our second flight of the day (Houston to Belize), Crash and Susan were sitting next to each other and decided to watch Lincoln on the plane's pay-per-view. Susan instructed Crash to pay for it (or Crash offered) so Crash swiped her debit card.

Only she didn't really swipe it.

Is there anyone in the world with a debit card who doesn't get this concept?

There's a swipe spot and a picture of a card showing which side to put the magnetic strip on

Well, there is one person.

Instead of swiping her card, she pushed it in under the monitor. Where it went into the seat back because there's a visible gap. Seriously, anyone looking can see that's not where to swipe a card! They could see the card but, even with Susan's really long nails, they couldn't reach it and it fell further into the seat back.

They called over the flight attendant who said, "Well, ladies, that's a first."

After thinking the card might have fallen all the way down to the bottom of the seat, Crash tried to reach up to see if she could grab it.

What she ended up doing was goosing the guy in front of her.

In her defense, there could have been a contributing factor.

Breakfast drinks at the Phoenix airport
Two rounds of drinks on the plane from Phoenix to Houston
"Lunch" at the Houston airport
I imagine the flight attendant filled out an incident report because when we got back to the US, her card had been turned in and reported as lost by United Airlines. That was nice customer service.

As I always say, as long as you get a good story out of it...


Tracy said…
You just can't make this s**t up!

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