Baby, It's Finally Cold Inside!

I came home from dinner with a friend on Monday night and knew there was trouble the second I opened the door. It was too dang hot. A quick look at the thermostat showed it was 87 degrees in the house. George was not happy but that could have been because I came home late.

I tried all sorts of tricks. Turned the thermostat on and off, reset circuit breakers, turned it from auto to manual and even adjusted the temperature way down to see if just the thermometer was off. No go.


Fortunately, I already have an A/C guy. He's serviced the unit (I almost said "my unit" but I know how you people are) before and has told me every time that I should get a new HVAC. I tell him every time that I don't have $4K.

After an overly warm night, I got up and opened the front and back doors and settled in to work under my ceiling fan. In the one good stroke of fortune I had, we actually had rain on Tuesday and the temps stayed low. It was a little warm but quite bearable.

My guy showed up and, after some investigation, told me the compressor was shot. A new compressor is somewhere around $1500 to $1800. Cheaper than a new unit by far.

However, my HVAC is original with the house. Yes, it's 40 years old. No one believes me but 'tis so. Replacing the compressor is just foolish when there's no telling when the rest of it can go at any moment.

So, I ordered up a new 2 Ton unit and my guy shifted around an appointment to get it to me on Thursday. I went to work on Wednesday and came home to a 91 degree house. I'd left George with a big bowl of ice cubes and she honestly seemed indifferent to the heat. In fact, she insisted on snuggling with me. Ugh, 14 pounds of fur lying on top of you when it's 90 is not fun.

We toughed it out over night but it was only down to 89 when we went to bed. It was 85 in the morning which wasn't too bad. I took a quick shower, pulled up my hair and settled in to work from home and wait for my guy. He showed up at 8:30 and put things in place for the crane.

Oh, the crane.

I had been talking to a co-worker who recently replaced her A/C and she asked me if they were renting a crane for the install. I honestly never thought about it. I checked the paperwork and it included crane rental. I told her that and she went off on a riff at my ignorance. Since she's the one I give a hard time to about now knowing what a Wookie was, I let her have her moment.

Here are some of the pics of the crane in operation:

I sent these and several more to the department. My boss added a shot of two cranes in the water then another guy added a picture of Frasier Crane to the thread. I chimed in that Wookie Girl wouldn't get the last reference. And, she didn't but won't admit it. BTW, yesterday she didn't get it when someone said they looked at a problem "every which way but loose". Kids, these days, I tell you!

In the meantime, George was hiding out because the noise on the roof apparently scared the crap out of her. My guy had to go get something and, as soon as he left, she was out hanging with me again. Of course, once he came back, she panicked and ran to hide. Since my bedroom door was closed, she ended up behind the couch. It was actually pretty funny. For me, not her. Seriously, she looked just like a pinball.

I heard a lot of puttering on the roof and it started to go for a long time. I was talking to one of my co-workers and said that I suspected the guy was going to tell me it was a bad unit.

Sure enough. He came in, tested the air flow and temperature and told me the flux capacitor was bad. Or, maybe it was some sort of valve. I stopped listening.

So, he called in and got another unit ready to go and came back today to install it. This time, it was a winner!

I'm so looking forward to being back in a chilled environment!

Oh, and by the end of the day, the email thread had another Frasier Crane pic (this time with Eddie) and another cat pic. And, one of my co-workers got jumped on by the others when he called George a him.

I really wonder if our three new employees think we're a bunch of loons.


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