Stevie Nicks Plagues Me

We have a tradition at our club weekend event, Parrot Grande, where people can pony up some cash to submit a sign for the golf tournament. It can be anything. A Happy Anniversary, a We Miss You, a This Is Just To Make Fun Of You. The latter happened to me this year.

So Not Best Friends Forever
Here's the story behind the sign. I grew up in Phoenix and Stevie's Dad owned Compton Terrace, an outdoor music venue. I went to a lot of shows there and, all too often, they would announce "We have a special guest tonight!" And, I would weep.

I'm sure Stevie Nicks is a wonderful person. She's certainly beautiful. But, her live singing voice has nearly the same effect as nails on a chalkboard to me. Shudder. I would rage, "I didn't pay to hear her!" but it was all for naught. I think if she was in town, she got to sing.

Fast forward many years and I still can't stand to hear her. It's so bad that I've learned to wait for the song to start on SiriusXM before I put the car into reverse because I can't change the channel in that gear. I don't want to know how much damage I've done by slamming back into park just to get rid of a solo Nicks or Fleetwood Mac song. 

Of course, my friends have grown to know this and then torture me. The Rocket Scientist made sure to include Nicks on his Poker Play List when we played at his house. It just made me want to drink even faster which probably didn't help my game. The Pirate Captain likes to slip a song in here and there, as well, but he's kinder about it.

So, it was no surprise that my friends made up this sign for me this year. And, I did appreciate the humor.

But, then they took it a step further.

Our theme for Parrot Grande Saturday Night was "Living Your Life Like A Song". Which meant you could dress up as any song you want, not just a Buffett song. Not only did you get to dress up, The Pirate Captain offered to play a snippet of your song as you paraded across the dance floor.

The Pirate Captain and I were on stage so he could play the songs and I could offer color commentary. Imagine my surprise and my chagrin as the first few people came through and they were all dressed to, you guessed it, Stevie Nicks songs. And then the next person. And the person after that.

Yep, I had to stand up there and listen to multiple songs by Stevie Nicks while pretending to be amused. Which I think I failed at because so many new people came up to me afterwards and asked, "Don't you like Stevie Nicks?"

Update on 8/30/13 - I forgot the picture of my friends:

In all honesty, it was funny. And, of course anything that makes me the center of attention is all good for me.

But, two days later when Gypsy was stuck in my head, I was not a happy camper. Shudder.


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