Three Gratitudes - Day 20

Continuing on my quest to feel happiness, I'm going to post three things I'm grateful for for 21 days.

  1. When people think of me and share. I don't want to know how high I'd score on an official narcissism scale but I suspect it's close to the top. Perhaps it's because I live my life so publicly that people can't help but think about me when they see cats, princesses, Jimmie Johnson, Doctor Who, Jimmy Buffett, cows, etc. (The full list is pretty long.) It's great to just be thought of but my friends take it another step further. For example, two different friends posted the above video on my Facebook timeline on Friday. George doesn't pack her own stuff like Simon's Cat but she does try to pack herself! I won't even go into the random presents I get but I hope everyone knows how grateful I am for them. And, for every picture, video and status update that I get tagged in.
  2. Weight Watchers at work. I've lost 20 pounds in the last year. Well, I actually lost it all in a few months last year then plateaued. But, I haven't gained it back and that's because we have Weight Watchers meetings at my company AND the company pays half of the fee. Just knowing I have that weekly appointment with the scale keeps me from going completely crazy. Now, if I would just get serious about it again...
  3. That Canon makes Elph cameras. I don't even know how many I've owned over the years. I upgrade when the current one falls apart. Since my camera's always in my purse and I take pictures all the freaking time, I usually get only a couple of good years out of them. I love the Elphs because they're small enough to keep in my pocket and they take pretty good pictures. And, they're cute. My current one is a metallic pink. When we were at The Pfister Hotel for lunch two weeks ago, I asked the waitress to take our picture. My cousin Kelly asked, "Whose Hello Kitty camera is that?" "Grrrrr" was my initial reaction. Now, I want to find a blinged out Hello Kitty sticker to put on it.


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