Three Gratitudes - Day 19

Continuing on my quest to feel happiness, I'm going to post three things I'm grateful for for 21 days.

Catching up because I was on the road. Again.

  1. Great traveling companions. Nothing can bum out a trip more than having someone who whines and complains about the inevitable  hiccups encountered while traveling. I'm always grateful when I'm with people who, even if they get frustrated, can shake it off and not let their frustrations overshadow the fun.
  2. Friend jumping. That's when one of your friends meets another of your friends and the two of them start hanging out without you. In my world, it's mostly a case of cyber hanging out but I love seeing people that I know separately develop a relationship together. We were in Iowa this past weekend and my friend Thom accumulated a bunch of new Facebook friends with people that I already knew. It made him feel pretty popular, too. 
  3. Staying home. Most of my travel of late has been self-inflicted but between work and fun, I've been out of town almost every month for the past three years. I love to visit friends and places but I'm grateful when I get a few weeks of just chillaxing in my own home. 


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