No Hal Zone

My friend Tracy and I are serious fans of the bass player from a Trop Rock band called Jimmy and the Parrots. They're out of New Jersey and that's probably the only thing that stops Tracy and me from going to every one of their shows and stare at Hal on the stage with looks of utter adoration on our faces.

Instead, we make do with seeing him (and the other guys, we like them, too) in places like Key West, Vegas, Laughlin and Irvine. Before each show, I scope out what side of the stage he's going to be on and then we pretty much plant ourselves in the very front for the duration. I also end up taking about 50 pictures of him...and the other guys, too.

He's SUCH a good sport about it all. Seriously, the guy couldn't be nicer with two crazy old bats following him around like he was one of the Beatles.

Poor Hal.

We are mostly harmless. I swear.

This was taken in Vegas last October.
See, he looks happy to be with us!
Tracy's husband Scott seemed to be cool with it all but I recently discovered that he may not be all that happy about our shared attraction to Hal when Tracy, Scott and I went to Migration, an event in California. Tracy was on Facebook on Friday asking when the band was getting in on Saturday. I chimed in and comments were made about Hal not having time to file a restraining order in CA and then we were pretty much officially deemed "The Stalkers".

Poor Hal.

Friday night, we are all aflutter about seeing Hal (and the others, we like them, too). Scott started slipping in comments. "I heard Hal's leaving the band to do more Broadway." "Hal's not making this trip because he had another show."

He was literally cracking me up because he would just say things pretty much out of nowhere like he was trying to send us subliminal messages.

On Saturday afternoon, Scott upped the comments. "Hal didn't make the plane, he's not going to be here." "Hal's not allowed to hang out with us." "Our cabana is officially a Hal Free Zone." "No Hal allowed!"

I was standing at the bar (big surprise, I know) when the members of the band started rolling in. All but one member, though. I was chatting with Jimmy Sr's lovely wife and Mary Beth, the manager, and waiting for Hal. Tracy was off at the cabana so I had a plan to stroll over with Hal on my arm, "Look who I found!"

One problem, there was no Hal. I asked Mary Beth, "Where's Hal?" and she said he was in his room. I told her, "Call him and tell him to come down." Her reply, "Oh, you're one of the stalkers." But, she did call him.

Seriously, these people need to stop enabling us.

While I was being pushy, Scott was talking to Felix about it all and Felix told him, "No, Hal really isn't coming." Scott was beside himself with joy and was even offering to take money on it from Tracy. "I told you he's not coming!"

Found him!
I got to Hal first but Tracy's radar was too good. Before I could get him to the cabana, she was right there with us and she ended up walking him over.

Well played, Tracy, well played.
Man, Scott was bummed. But trying to be brave about it.

Our Favorite Bass Player
We all had a good laugh at Scott's expense and tried to explain the no Hal rule to Hal who just looked at us like we were crazy. Which we were and are.

Scott got over it enough to get his own picture with Hal.

Buds. Sorta.
The night wore on, Tracy and I stood in front of Hal during the band's set and I drained my camera battery. All was normal. Except for Scott still getting in his "Hal's not allowed here...or there, either." comments. It was truly hilarious.

Hal remained unscathed and unmolested by either Tracy or me so that was good.

The next morning, we ran into most of the band in the lobby on our way to breakfast. They were debating their travel plan so the three of us went upstairs to where the Songwriters Breakfast Buffet was being held. Scott and I looked for a table and decided to put our stuff down on the one in the corner. 

For the record, my Hello Kitty (that's another story) pink camera was sitting right there in plain sight on the table. Hal knows my camera because not only have I taken so many pictures of him, I've asked him to take pictures of us from the stage. Which he does because he's so nice. 

Poor Hal.

We came back with our food and there at our table was part of the band including Hal. I said, "So, now you're stalking me!" Everyone laughed then Hal saw Scott and immediately jumped up and asked, "Is this a Hal free zone?" 

It was pretty dang funny.

What was especially funny is I could see Scott debating telling Hal that it was but I think he knew that Tracy would get him for that. 

We ended up having breakfast with the band then hugged them all goodbye as they left for the airport. Big Daddy said, "See you in Vegas?" I said, "Yep, look in front of Hal on the stage and we'll be there!"

Poor Hal.

I think Hal, being the nice guy that he is, couldn't take it that Scott didn't appear to like him. He sent Scott a Facebook friend request before they left California. Scott debated accepting it but decided to adopt the "keep your enemy close" policy so approved the request.

Fast forward one week to Parrot Grande. I couldn't resist the golf sign.

The official No Hal Zone sign.
Scott loved it and declared most of the resort a No Hal Zone. I asked him at their cabana where the sign was but he had it in his room. Their hotel room is DEFINITELY a No Hal Zone.

"OK, Phred, work with me on this. The No Hal Zone is anywhere we go, got it?"
I have a strong suspicion that Scott is planning on the sign coming to Vegas.

I have an even stronger suspicion that Tracy will make the sign disappear before Vegas.

Poor Hal.


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