Some Things Never Change

My friend Mark Mulligan put together a fundraiser last night for the Yarnell Firefighters Fund. Most of us in Arizona felt the pain and horror of 19 men losing their lives but Mark more so because he used to live in Yarnell back in the day.

The event was at Aunt Chilada's and eventually around 200 people cruised through. Donations were accepted for Mark's performance and there was a silent auction and a raffle. All of Mark's tips for the night went into the kitty as well.

To try to raise the take, Mark issued a challenge. If someone could give him a song he couldn't play, he'd give them one of his CDs. If he could play it, they had to throw some more money into the bucket.

Because of this incident in 2005, I knew exactly what to challenge him with.

I walked up and said, "Aimee" and he said, "Go get your free CD."

How Did I Not Have This One?

Too funny. And, somehow there was one Mark CD I didn't own so I now have the complete set. Sweet!

A few minutes later, he called me out and suggested that if he could play the song that I would have to donate some money. He started out and it went well. For one verse and the chorus then he was stuck.

I still put money in his bucket.

The event was great and I got to see some dear friends from years past. Always a bonus.

Here's what never changes:

  • Mark still doesn't know Aimee.
  • Nor, will Mark ever learn Aimee.
  • Mark is a bad influence as he kept some of us out until midnight on a school night. OK, whatever, he didn't hold a gun to our heads but you can't go home in case you miss out on some fun. That's a fact, Jack.
  • We will never forget the good stories, especially when we can poke fun at someone with them.
  • Mark is a great human and has some wonderfully generous friends and fans. The evening raised $4,500. 


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