On The Same Wavelength

Sugar Daddy and I went out to dinner with our crazy friend Cheryl tonight. She's completely nuts and has been for as long as I've known her.

After her usual quirkiness to start the evening she said, "I have a question that I've asked a bunch of people but they don't get it." We said, "Go ahead"

"Why did Venkman have Thorazine with him on the date?"

I was with her without even thinking about it. "Well, he was a Psychiatrist." Her response was the he was a Paranormal Psychologist and therefore shouldn't have access to prescription drugs. Good point. I then, not seriously, posited that he was going to roofy Dana.

Sugar Daddy was lost. We had to explain to him that it was a Ghostbusters reference. Once he got that, he asked Cheryl, "Did you google it?"

Of course, she didn't because she's not a techie like we are. He started typing in "why did Venkman (we had to spell it for him) have thorazine" and there were a bunch of responses. He went to a Ghostbusters forum (yes, that apparently exists) and read a few responses.

The one that made the most sense was that he actually bumped uglies with her and that was a post-coitus slumber she was in and he didn't want to admit it to Egon. Apparently, if you look at the scene, he's a bit disheveled as is her room. The poster assured us we would see it his/her way after another viewing of the film.

I tried to Youtube the scene without a lot of success but I did find this video with a part of it and which was interesting.

While it was an interesting discussion, the scary part is that I immediately understood what the crazy person was asking. And, I'm pretty sure Steven would have, too. Is that because we've known her so long or because we're crazy, too?

I plead the fifth.


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