Groupie Story

I heart Trop Rock Musicians. It's pretty well known that I stalk poor Hal B. Selzer but there are others that I think are just fantastic. And, cute. Fortunately, they're all very nice to their fans so I haven't been put on any "Keep this person out of the show no matter what" lists.


I went to Migration last month. It's a multi-club sponsored event held in Irvine, CA. They do a great job of bringing in local and imported talent. This year, they had Mike Nash of Southern Drawl Band on the bill and he was also one of our cabana mates so I got to spend some time talking to him.

It's distracting to look at him while talking to him because he is, well, stunning. Usually, I say something like "easy on the eyes" but he's beyond that. Also, pretty nice to hang out with.

Cabana Buddies - I made sure I was next to Mike because that's how I roll
On Friday, I started a quiet side conversation with Christa that went like this:

Me: I need to get a picture of me between Hal and Mike.
Christa: (loudly) Hey, Mike, Kathy wants a picture with you and Hal with her.
Mike: OK, sure.
Me: (trying to decide which was greater, my embarrassment or my glee)

Jimmy and the Parrots were the Saturday night act and during their break, I found myself backstage with Hal and Mike. And, by found myself, I mean I made sure that happened.

I asked Mark, one of the drummers for Jimmy and the Parrots to take our picture. He did but added an extra person. Himself.

Hal, Me, Mike and...Mark?
OK, I do look pretty happy there but apparently the amount of alcohol in me led me to treat Mark like chopped liver.

"That's great, but can you take one without you in it?"

Yeah, I really said that. How rude. But, he did it. Again, they're really nice guys and sorry, Mark!

Eat your hearts out, ladies!

I made the last photo my Facebook cover photo and I'm not alone in thinking Mike's good looking. I had more then one of my friends comment with queries as to who he is and how attractive he is.

I'm trying to justify my groupie ways by telling myself that I'm giving these musicians and bands exposure. Yeah, that's it. I'm just a promoter at heart, not a groupie/stalker.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


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