Flavor and Texture Fail

There are some flavors that are meant to be experienced in only one texture. Anything else is just plain wrong.

I give you as a classic example, the popcorn Jelly Belly. They are absolutely the ick. Popcorn is supposed to be crunchy. Does anyone like soggy popcorn? No! Why would anyone then eat soft, moist and chewy popcorn flavored jelly beans?

Seriously, They Sell Bags Of Just Popcorn Flavor -
What Freak Buys Those?
What inspired this rant? Well, it was actually that they're selling Chewy Sweet Tarts at work. Sweet Tarts shouldn't be chewy. Again, a flavor and texture fail.

We also sell Jelly Belly combo packs but I refuse to buy the one that has popcorn in it because I don't want to vomit at my desk. That would be gross.


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