I got an email from a friend yesterday saying that she might have access to a free ticket to Priscilla, Queen of the Desert - The Musical at Gammage last night and wanted to know if I was interested in going.

My first thoughts were that I'd only gotten four hours of sleep the night before and already had plans for tonight and tomorrow night so the wise thing would be to pass. Oddly, the thought that I really don't care for musicals didn't even enter my mind. (Yes, let's just break out into song! It seems perfectly natural!)

Of course, I didn't pass. You can sleep when you're dead.

We met up at another friend's house and there were boas, tiaras and clown sunglasses in the car when I got in. Apparently, Doona thought we should dress up for the show so dress up, we did!

Girls Night Out!
We got several comments on our attire as only a few people in the crowd were decked out. The staff at the ticket counter were wearing boas, though, so we weren't entirely alone.

What my friends didn't realize that I already knew is that boas are extremely hot. Temperature wise, not sexy wise. Factor in the theater temperature and a cocktail and it was a sweat fest. Charming.

I've not seen the movie and knew only that it was about three drag queens traveling across Australia. I was quite pleased with the show. It was graphically bawdy in some parts and surprisingly sweet and endearing in others. The costumes were out of this world. The music was apparently updated from the movie; instead of ABBA, there was Madonna.

As a bonus, I ran into my pal Lindsay and some of my companions also saw some acquaintances of theirs. 

As a bonus bonus, we chatted with a guy who owns a gay bar in downtown Phoenix and I'm pretty sure we'll get free drinks from him if we go there.


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