Pencil Thin Mustache

The Thursday before Parrot Grande, a group of was were at the Glendale Margaritaville for their summer SOS Thursday event. They bring in live music and have food and drink specials and it's a nice way to head in to the weekend.

One of our Parrot Head friends from the Lake Havasu PHC was playing. His name is Gary Peaslee and he does a really fun show. Besides singing and playing various instruments, he brings a lot of props and encourages audience participation.

I went over to say hey and introduce myself to the people I didn't know yet from Lake Havasu. "Oh, you're THE Kathy?" Why yes, yes, I am and that reaction doesn't get old. Who doesn't like to be famous if even just in a small way? While I was chatting they gave me stick on mustaches for my posse and told me when Gary was going to play the song in his set.

For those not familiar with the song...

We all proudly put on our mustaches and sang along at the correct time.

That's A Lot Of Staches (And, Thom and I Did Not Coordinate Our Outfits)

It was a lot of fun as was the rest of the show. We even continued to wear the mustaches for a bit.

So Crash
Our friend, Crash, can't keep anything straight on her head. Sunglasses, ball caps...they all end up crooked. Like in a minute or two. It's uncanny. She proved she was consistent with all things on her head because she literally couldn't keep her mustache straight.


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