Book Review - My Sister's Keeper

This is truly sad...I went over 3 weeks without reading a book. I think that's close to a record in my adult life. That dang Parrot Grande really consumed a lot of my time.

Book club is this coming Tuesday and I screwed around so much that I couldn't get the book from the library in time so I had to buy it today. I headed off to Border's this afternoon and, surprisingly, came home only with my one needed book. I'm still not sure I can commit a lot of time to reading in the near future. That is truly sad, as well.

Anywhooo, this month's book club selection by Jodi Picoult was a great choice. I couldn't put it down and 4 hours after I started it, I was done and crying like a baby. It was a quite an emotional read and I actually teared up many times.

The story revolves around 13 year old Anna who hires a lawyer to get medically emancipated from her parents. Anna was conceived as a donor for her older sister who had leukemia. Anna's cord blood put her sister into remission but it didn't last so over the years she's had to provide cells and marrow to keep her sister alive. The latest demand is for one of Anna's kidneys and that, apparently, is the last straw even though her sister will absolutely die without it.

Lots of emotional, family and ethical issues to debate in this book. The story is told from the point of view of many of the characters: Anna, her Mother, Father and brother, her lawyer and her court appointed representative. I'm really looking forward to our discussion next week.

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