Fun Poker Night

To hear Steven tell it, he's a poker genius who ranks right up there with Hellmuth, Brunson and Chan. I'm always hearing about him taking his friends' money in their home games and how good he is playing online. So, I asked him if he wanted to play in the boys game on Saturday night. He must have been bored because he said yes.

We had ten players and you get to pick your table and spot based on your arrival time. I picked a spot where I could see the TV (for the ASU game - Go Devils!) and play with Pirate Rick. Steven sat at the other table. When I mentioned that I suspected he would do so, he said, "Do you want me to sit over there and take your chips?"

As if.

I now have two poker hands that I never want to see again. Pocket Aces and flopped Trips. Both frakked me up as I lost them every time. My chip stack was going down and Steven's was going up fairly quickly. He kept looking over to check and smirk but wisely didn't say anything.

Next thing I know, he's handing all of his chips to Brasher after he went all in and missed the flush draw on the board. This was only a few hands after Jim went all in against Brasher and missed that flush draw as well. Doh!

Steven re-bought but ended up the first one out for the night.

He sat behind me the rest of the game (and gave me advice!?!?) as I managed to turn my short stack into a third place finish.

Now, some maternal types would feel sorry for him because he didn't do well. Not me. Our family plays to win and the fact that he was trash talking me before the game and then watched me cash just made it all so sweet.

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