Perfect Poker Weekend

The Arizona Parrot Head Club had another Mom O'Malley Memorial Poker Tournament Saturday night. Mom O'Malley was the O'Malley Babes' Mom, our most "experienced" club member and a dear friend to us all. She passed away last year and had some great care at Hospice of the Valley so the money we raise at our tournaments goes to Hospice.

I found us a perfect location to have the tournament. In Tempe, right off the freeway and with plenty of room and a big backyard to use as a Loser's Lounge. The place happened to belong to The Rocket Scientist who's now calling himself a sucker because he gave in to my persuasive charm and agreed to host the event. Like he had any power to resist me...I am the Princess, after all.

The game was Texas Hold 'Em and the players ranged from very experienced to needing cheat sheets newbies. We had three tables of players. Our table was pretty serious. The middle table had the single girls (actually recruited from my chick poker group) and the single boys so there was lots of talking, flirting, laughing, etc. The third table had a mixture of experience and players gifted with blind luck.

I busted out in the upper half of the players but didn't make the final table. One of my chick poker pals did, though, and I was pretty proud of her. They played so well, in fact, that the guys told me to invite them to our boys game. I think it was because of their could be because they're cute.

The outcome was possibly divinely influenced since Mom O'Malley's son-in-law, Jim, won. Crash with her blind luck came in second. Man, she got some cards.

I felt like I won, too. I've been hinting, suggesting, cajoling, encouraging, bargaining with The Rocket Scientist to join the club and, as one of his "thank you for hosting" gifts, I gave him a completely filled out club application form. I guess that was the final hint needed since he gave it to Julie with his $20 dues before the night was over. I don't think I've ever worked that hard to get a member signed up and I felt victorious.

Sunday night, I played chick poker. I ended up beating, and beating up, on them and turned my $20 buy-in to $64.75. Sweet!

$64.75 isn't close to the $1,220 we raised for Hospice but it will keep me going at the Blackjack table for at least one night this upcoming weekend in Vegas.

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