Needs More Jake

A bunch of us from the Arizona Parrot Head Club went to see Jimmy Buffett in Vegas at the MGM on the 20th. The show was typical Buffett but there were two things missing.

The first was what I call the true Parrrot Head song. Buffett often will play one song in each show that's only known by the folks who are really into his music. I remember one year in Vegas when he did Hotel Room. I had it on my answering machine at the time so I thought it was really cool.

The other thing missing was Jake. Jake as in Jake Shimabukuro, extraordinary ukulele player. Oh, Jake was there and he and Robert Greenidge played an incredible duet which I watched through Finnegan's binoculars. Oddly enough, I didn't look at Robert at all. That Jake is so yummy.

Frankly, I just wanted more Jake. Jake on every song, in fact.

Despite not having enough Jake, it was a good show.

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