Gee, Thanks

I got a call this afternoon from my two...hmmm, how do I describe them? They're Parrot Head buddies and we are nearly constant companions on our Vegas and Laughlin trips. And, while we're hanging out, they torture me which makes them happy.

Anyway, The Jello-Shot Prince called me to say he and The Mailman were in Vegas and about to enter Margaritaville and they just felt compelled to call me.

Did they just want to say hi?


They wanted to rub it in that they're already in Vegas and that while I'm riding the bus up tomorrow, they'll be playing golf.

It's a toss up who will be the most toasted by the time we hook up tomorrow and they've both committed to buying me my first Miller Lite when I get there. I guess I can be a double fisted drinker and let them each buy me one.

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