Torn Between Two Loves

Long time loves are a beautiful thing. They're comfortable, steady and reassuring in that you pretty much know how things are going to go. Sure, there are ebbs and tides in the relationship but you weather them because you just know that you're going to be together forever. You see the wrinkles and the warts of your long time love and they aren't repellant, just something you accept and gloss over. Long time love is eternally enduring and you don't want to give it up for anything.

Say a new love enters your life. The new love is passionate and the relationship is full of exciting highs and lows. It's dramatic and sometimes nearly obsessive and makes you feel oh, so alive. The wrinkles and warts on the new love are cute accessories and somehow charming. You just can't imagine letting go of the thrills with the new love and you don't want to ever come off the roller coaster ride.

But, how do you reconcile the two loves? You can't forsake your steady, enduring love for what may be a fleeting excitement, can you? But, can you forgo the passion of the new love for the complacency of the old? Both strategies make you feel like you're missing out on something you really need.

So, you try to love both. Maybe try a separate but equal strategy to cope. Or, change your primary focus from one to the other when needed. As long as both of your loves don't end up in the same room as each other, you may feel like you can hide one from the other and carry on with both.

My two loves are going to be in the same room…more accurately, the same ballpark.

Cubs vs. Diamondbacks. Who do I choose?

The Cubs are my long time love. I grew up watching them. I've gone to several spring training games nearly every year and spent countless hours with the TV tuned to WGN. Many of those hours were spent with my Grandpa, my parents and Steven. I even went so far as to give Steven three rules to live by and Number One was "You will be a Cubs fan." (Two was "You can go to any college but the University of Arizona" and Three was "Don't be a Republican".) The first time I went to Wrigley Field and saw the ivy it felt like I was on Holier ground than any church I've ever entered.

On the other hand, there's the D-Backs. Steven, my parents and I were there on the first ever Opening Day and I still have the picture of us in my living room. I don't even know how many games I've gone to in the years of holding season tickets but I have several scorebooks filled with the details from most of those games. Sugar Daddy and I went to the National League Playoffs and Championship Series in 2001 when they won the World Series. One of the walls in my office is a shrine to the team and prominently features my favorite active ballplayer, David Dellucci.

I don't know whom to root for and I don't know that I can even make a choice.

I do know that I'll be glued to the TV (and DVR on Thursday since I have a meeting that night that I can't miss) the entire series.

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