House Concert - Mark Mulligan

There was only one thing preventing the Mark Mulligan house concert on Friday from being a perfect evening.

Dave Mulligan wasn't there.

OK, not really. I just said that because Mark was giving me a hard time about my reviews of his shows. Apparently, he thinks I spend too much time talking about Dave. I didn't deny it.

It was a great evening – the weather was perfect (I didn't even need my jacket!), everyone was in a good mood and I got to catch up with a lot of friends I hadn't seen in a while.

I had loaned The Rocket Scientist my Bar Down in Mexico CD and he liked it so he was up for going to the show with me. It had to have been déjà vu from the Dave Matthews Band show. Everyone knew all of the songs and lyrical additions except him. He bought another Mark CD after so I guess he enjoyed the show and Mark's music.

We hooked up with Pirate Rick and Julie and got primo viewing spots directly across from Mark. A little too close to the pool but I somehow managed to never be in danger of falling in. Rick had his camera set up to take pics but I'm not sure how good they're going to be. It was pretty dark and they had lights shining up at Mark from his feet. It made him look Halloween scary, to be honest.

Everyone enjoyed the show but no one more so than the neighbors behind the house. They were up on their roof dancing and waving their cellphones and candles to the music. Mark even dedicated a song to them. It was pretty funny watching them though I worried the whole time that they were going to fall off because the roof was slanted. We didn't hear any screams or crashes so I assume they were injury free.

Not everyone escaped injury, though. Pirate Rick was talking to The Jello-Shot Queen and stepped on her foot. More like stepped into her foot. He partially peeled back her big toenail. Ouch! I didn't see anything until she was bandaged up but there was some blood involved and she's been limping since then.

The evening just flew by. Mark was great, talking to my friends was great and the baseball game sucked so I was happy I didn't stay home to watch it instead of going out. It was after 1 AM before I knew it. I think I did well to stay up that late considering I was going on 4 hours of sleep but a skilled social butterfly never lets sleep deprivation get in the way of a good time.

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