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Hello there! I'm the new Cow in town. My cousin Cindy lives in Iowa now with Kathy's friend Rhett. I came to live with Kathy when her Mom found me in Wisconsin.

I'm really excited that we're going to Las Vegas. I've heard so many things about Sin City. Things that I would never have seen back on the farm!

I'm helping Kathy pack the gift bags for the winners in the Jello Shot contest. It seems like a silly thing to do. Combine Jello and alcohol and other unique ingredients and see who makes the best ones. Then, you give the winners more alcohol. Like they need it.

We've been listening to Rush all week. Something about a quid pro quo for someone else listening to Trop Rock. It's OK music...but no Buffett. That guy is really fun to listen to though I've noticed a lot of his songs are about alcohol, too. I am beginning to sense a theme for the weekend.
Cindy had to travel in Kathy's purse to Utah but I get stuffed into her backpack. Not exactly the most luxurious way to travel and I hope she lets me out soon.

We're meeting at The Babes' house and I have to guard the bags while we're waiting for the bus to arrive. Kathy's group charters a bus to Vegas and parties the whole time up there. I can't wait to meet everyone and have some fun.

I have a great seat on the bus between Tkay and 72 Beer Mary. I can see everything from up here! We're making great time and I have prime viewing for the Jello Shot contest and the conga line. These people know how to party!

Somehow, I've gotten a boo boo. Fortunately, duct tape fixes everything!

We've made it to Vegas and are hanging in Mike Finnegan's room. It's the total hospitality suite! There are toys and decorations and beer. Lots of beer.

I was feeling kinda underdressed with all the Parrot Heads in their Hawaiian shirts and beads and feathers. I'm so happy, Charlotte's found me an outfit. I think I look really spiffy.

Hey, here I am on the beach! OK, not really. It's a picture in Finnegan's room but I feel like I'm on the beach.
My first Landshark beer at the Las Vegas Margaritaville. It's no Miller Lite but it's not bad.

Pirate Rick and I are having a good time at Margaritaville. He's taking a break from his Bus Dad duties. He made sure everyone made it back on the bus on our stops and he really studied the bus controls in case something happened to our driver. He was ready to take over at a moment's notice!

I'm meeting so many people on this trip. I hung out with Tracey fom Utah for a while but now I'm just sitting on a back table at the Last Man Standing party just people watching. They're so silly. Someone's coming to clear off our table. Hey wait, I'm part of the party, don't clear me away!
Where am I? It looks like a big dumpster and what is this? Oh my gosh, it's trash being poured on top of me. No, I don't belong here...don't close the lid...help!

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