Becoming The Bookie

I never pass up an opportunity to gamble and there were always plenty of opportunities at work to do so. We had this guy, Banks, who used to run the NCAA, Pick 'Em Football, Super Bowl name it, he ran it.

But, then he quit and moved out of state.

There was another guy who did the same thing. My buddy Steve always had something going and I bought in. I think I actually came out ahead on his games so I liked him much better than Banks.

But, then he quit and moved out of state.

Suddenly, it was the Super Bowl and we had no one taking money for squares. We were like chickens with our heads cut off. Who will do this for us!?!?!

Dave and I tried to get our resident professional gambler (he really is, he won a boatload of money in a poker tournament that is sometimes on TV still) to do it. He said something lame like, "I have too much work to do."

What up with that? Work versus a game of chance? And, he chose work? It's like I never really knew him

So, it ended up with me and Dave only Dave delegated his part to Kyle. I'm taking money for the $2 squares and Kyle's doing the $5.

It was funny how people were so excited about it. Apparently, they were headless chickens, too, and just waiting for someone to step up.

I hope after doing all this work, I actually win. I got incredibly crappy numbers last year. Dave won a bunch of money and the lucky bastard will probably do the same this year...while he's actually at the game. Some people have all the luck.

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