Fun From Facebook

I'm really enjoying Facebook. It's been fun to reconnect with people I knew from school, previous jobs and life in general. And, it's enabled me get to know the people that I do hang out with better.

It's really the perfect medium for a social butterfly.

Last night was a great experience that is all due to Facebook. I went out for wine and snacks with Andy and Sharon and we had a wonderful time.

Andy was my best friend in high school and college and he's one of Steven's Godfathers so we were really tight. Life happened and we probably hadn't seen each other in over 4 years though we exchanged Christmas cards and the occasional email. Pretty silly since we live in the same town.

Sharon went to our high school but I didn't really get to know her until college when we both worked at Sears. As did Andy. I think the last time I saw Sharon was at our friend Danny's funeral and that was, gosh, 8 or 9 years ago?

To give you more of the back story, Discover Card came to Scottsdale while we worked at Sears in Customer Service. The three of us were graduating at the same time and all applied to Discover Card. Sears store management had the right to refuse people to go to Discover if they were deemed too "valuable" to lose. I was deemed valuable and they offered me a crappy salary ($6 an hour?) and thought I would be happy with that. I gave my two week's notice. Andy and Sharon went on to long careers at Discover and I often wonder where I would be now if I had done the same. Oh well.

I did continue to hang out with Andy, Sharon and the whole Discover gang for a few years. We relived some of those stories last night because Andy brought an old photo album with him. Oy vey, my hair… I was also sad to see how much thinner I was back then. Damn my laziness.

We talked for three solid hours and caught each other up on our doings and the doings of other folks we'd known that one or two of us still saw. It was just so fun!

And, we owe it to Facebook. Andy wrote in his Christmas card this year, "Hey are you on Facebook?" I got on, saw that he was friends with Sharon and the plans just came from there. Sharon and I went out last week, the three of us went out last night and we're planning another evening when Sharon's sister comes back to visit in March.

Thanks, FB! (But, could you stop sucking me into those unending garden tending hells, please?)

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