Book Goal

We had a Sales Team Award luncheon today and our CEO spoke. He's a huge book reader and gave his three top picks for 2008: Made to Stick, Outliers and A Whole New Mind. I've read the first, am waiting for the library on the second and have a borrowed copy of the third waiting for me to get to it.

He makes a pledge every year to read 52 books. I thought that was ambitious and decided to adopt the same goal. To see if I could even get close, I went through my book reviews for 2008 and found that I read roughly 60 books.

So, 52 not that hard.

However, I have to give it to him that he's not reading Vampire/Werewolf/Fairy porn books like I do. I didn't bother to filter out the "light" fiction from my list because I'm sure the serious books might only total 20.

OK, being the freak that I am, I did go check. Serious books were amounted to 10.

I guess I need to shift my reading a bit though I will never give up the Vampires.

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