Taming The Demon

I hosted our book club tonight which requires preparing and serving dinner for the gang.

I got home, through a store bought lasagna in the oven and started putting things out. George was not well behaved. She kept jumping on the dining room table to watch me work because she knew I was distracted. Then, she jumped on the counter and was about to nibble on the salad before I busted her. I had to put the salad in the microwave to keep it kitty safe.

My hope was that once one person got there, she would be a little more cautious and behave. That didn't happen. Maria got there first and George was quite happy to keep getting on the table while she and I were talking in the kitchen. It is really like when you have kids. You're in a conversation and you suddenly have a Tourette's moment "George!" then you just continue on talking with your friend.

However, as soon as another guest arrived George must have reached her stranger limit. She hustled off to my room and hid under the bed. Anna tried to entice her out with some treats but no dice. Same thing when I tried.

It was nice to eat a meal without pushing the demon away from my food or my drink. And, not having to worry about her getting into any of the food left on the counter or the stove.

The girls weren't gone for two minutes before George was out and back on the table. Peace was over. Really over because 20 minutes after that, she yakked on the living room carpet. I guess having company upset her that much. She's currently locked in the bathroom with a bowl of water. If she's going to yak anymore, I want it to be on the tile.

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