Book Review - A Frozen Woman

A Frozen Woman A Frozen Woman by Annie Ernaux

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This was a book club selection and not of my choosing. Our selector this month found it on a list of Motherhood books. Yeah, bad Mothers, maybe.

I had to keep reminding myself that Ernaux was born in 1940 and her tales of marriage are from France in the early 1960s. Oh, and that the book is translated from French so who knows how much nuance was lost?

Despite the reminders, I just couldn't relate to Ernaux at all. Her parents encouraged her to pursue a career but she wanders through school and doesn't apply herself. She marries young while barely knowing the guy and ends up trapped at home with a baby. Trapped is how she felt; that's not my description. Then, when her first son is just getting into school, she chooses to have another kid.


Our group was divided in their feelings. A few really liked the book (even with its trapped tales of woe). A few agreed with me in that they just didn't dig it.

I thought Ernaux trapped herself through inertia and was depressed. I also suspect she emphasized all of the negatives of Motherhood for the sake of a "good" story.

Just not my bag at all.

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