On The Road Again...

I just hope George doesn't forget me while I'm gone...

It's coming up on that time of year when I am frequently out of town. Some people might think I've gone out of a town a lot already this year but the big stuff is just starting.

The Rocket Scientist, Unruly Julie and the Pirate Captain and I are leaving tomorrow (allegedly at 3 PM) for Rocky Point and Annette's house. We're coming back on Tuesday to avoid the Memorial Day border crossing delays.

Then, it's back to work for a whole 1 3/4 days.

Dawnie and I are headed to LA come Thursday afternoon, returning home on Monday night. Originally, the plan was to go on the Bob Karwin cruise but that got postponed. Not until after Dawnie and I bought our airfare, though. It was going to cost us $150 each to switch to somewhere else so we decided to spend a long weekend at Hermosa Beach.

The cool thing is that Tracy, Scott and Rachel are going over the same weekend so we'll have some homies with us. I'm working on meeting up with some other pals from the area, too. Good times.

So far, June has a trip to the Flagstaff Beer Festival, July is Utah, August is IA/WI, September is Parrot Grande in Casa Grande and November is Key West. Hmm, guess I need to find something in October.

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