Those PetSmart People Are, Well, Smart

I signed up for a PetSmart card when I got George. They asked about my pet and her birthday as part of the process. I've gotten some percentage off coupons and whatnot but they sent her one for her birthday which was pretty generous.

One cat toy up to a $10 value. Free gift! And, I didn't even need to make a purchase to get it.

So, off I went to get the baby a present. I found a dozen catnip meeces for her to add to the four or five dozen she already has, gotten bored with and hid.

She was also short on cat food so I went cruising down the aisle looking for Purina. Hey, it was good enough from my childhood cat and it's cheap. I never made it to Purina, though.

The Science Diet chick was standing there and pounced on me. Well, nicely pounced on me. She asked what I was looking for, if my cat had any issues like hairballs or UTI incidents and I replied with a negative. That stopped her spiel briefly but then she started in on how much better their food is to prevent those things.

I wasn't buying until she said, "I have a $4 off coupon if you want to try it and you can get another one online for the next bag."

Coupon should be my middle name, right after "free gift".

So, I invested the big bucks for the fancy cat food which George seems to love so I'll probably continue shelling out for it while they rake in the dough.

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