Somehow Managing To Make Do...

I know people are quite used to seeing me with The Rocket Scientist in tow. It's VERY obvious when he's not around and I get the questions, "Where's TRS?" I try not to let myself think they only want to see him and I'm now their second choice.

Last night at Buffett, I should have kept track of how many people asked where he was. It was many. "Away fishing" was the answer and then the follow up question came. "You're driving yourself?" That was said in a tone of amazement.

See, I'm also pretty used to people (especially TRS) thinking I need him to be my driver and that I'm somehow lost without him. What do they think; that I can't find my way home?

Yet, somehow, I managed to get myself to Buffett and home again without incident. Inconceivable!

BTW, the funniest question I got last night was "Where's your husband?" I said, "I don't have a husband, he's my Not Boyfriend and he's fishing." "What, Rick's not here?"

Um, no, I'm not Julie nor am I married to Rick. Funnily enough, Rick is fishing with TRS so my answer was partially correct.

The second funniest question I got was, "Is that an engagement ring?" No, it's a ring that I bought myself when I was in Antigua and it fits on my left hand and I've been wearing it for months. I explained that and got, "Well, I've just been seeing comments on Facebook..."

(Insert image of TRS reading this, shaking his head and sighing.)

So, still not engaged nor dating TRS (trademark pending). And, somehow, managing to get through the weekend without him.

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