Mexico Cocktails

We have some traditional drinks while in Mexico. The girls always have Mimosas for breakfast, everyone has their favorite beer and the boys sip Tequila (shudder).

Unruly Julie bought 3 bottles of Champagne for our trip. Consider that there are three girls and we were there for five breakfasts. That's not enough.

However, The Captain thought she bought too much and gave her a hard time about it. It got worse when we got there and Annette said she had four bottles for a total of seven. That's getting to about the right number in my book.

Annette asked The Rocket Scientist to open the first bottle for our Mimosas. Apparently, he clinked the bottle ever so gently on the counter first and it was enough to make the Champagne overflow. He just stood and watched as 1/3 of the bottle spread all over the counter.

Alcohol abuse - it's not pretty.

Blocking up the spout with his hand would have worked. Or, maybe pouring into the three glasses sitting in front of him. Or, gods forbid, maybe even drinking what was spilling.

The Captain knows how to open a bottle.

If that had been Tequila, he would have saved it somehow.

Finally! Mimosas!

So, we were down to less than seven bottles and we even took a day off from Champagne but we still ran out on Monday. Guess The Captain was wrong - we could have used more Champagne. (Though, to be fair, Annette thinks she may not have had four bottles after all. I was drinking, not counting.)

We took a Mimosa break one morning to have Champagne and Cranberry juice. That was very refreshing and it didn't give you the citrus overload of OJ.

Pretty and tasty!

Last bottle - it made me sad.

The boys started their days a few times with Tequila Sunrises (we had to use up some of that $20 Grenadine). I actually had a Tequila Sunrise on at Manny's with breakfast on our last day.

Cheese! (Or, should I say, Cheesy?)

Last cocktail of the trip.

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