Thoughts on Season Finales

I spent a lot of DVR time this weekend...

Fringe: Good stuff in that ending. Alternative universe with Leonard Nimoy. How can you top that? And, Peter is stolen from there? Hmmm. Looking forward to next season. I'm even warming up to Anna Torv and that's saying a lot.

Dollhouse: After hanging on through some uninspired episodes, my patience was rewarded at the end of the season. Great reveals on Alpha and Dr. Saunders. Nice moment with Ballard and Melly. Neat way to tie Ballard into the Dollhouse. And Wash! It's so good to see Wash!

Castle: I kept with this show because of Nathan Fillion. I would watch him in anything because he's that magnetic. The show built up steam and the cliff hanger at the end about Beckett's Mother's death is making me look forward to next year.

Lost: WTF? And, that is a good thing. Last season was weak but this one came back with lots of information, action and intrigue. I CANNOT wait for next season.

Lie To Me: I enjoy this show and I like that they're adding new characters now that we've gotten to know the core group better. The last episode was not really a cliff hanger but a steady episode of case solving and evolving character development.

Bones: I really thought they jumped the shark when Booth saw Stewie in the next to last episode. Of course, brain tumor! Why didn't I think of that? Nice reimagining of the team for the alternate universe final episode. "Who are you?" WTF? And, I don't mean that in a good way. Like he's not going to remember in episode 1 of next season? They got renewed for 2 more years so I'm going to guess that he does.

30 Rock: This show is funny, week in and week out. Alan Alda as Alec Baldwin's Dad. How funny is that? That's some inspired casting. And, Elvis Costello on the show makes it a winner! OK, the song was pretty silly.

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