New Camera!

I was trying to get some pictures off my camera and it kept disconnecting. I tried two different ports on my computer but it still didn't work. However, when I took the memory card out and put it in my computer, the card was good and the pictures came off without issue.

That means it was either the cable or the camera.

I didn't care. I wanted a new camera and this was just the excuse I needed. The Rocket Scientist asked me if I wanted to consult with Sugar Daddy about whether I needed a new one and I said I wasn't asking him a frakking thing. There was no way I was letting him talk me out of it this time.

A little research led me to two different Elphs, the SD1200 IS or the SD780 IS. They both seemed good so it was a matter of which one that Target had...and which color they had, too. It was Target because TRS had a coupon and I had two gift cards as well.

Isn't it pretty?

OK, it actually came down to the fact that they had only one camera in the store between the two types. Thankfully, it was in an acceptable color since I had no willpower for waiting.

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