Bob, Give Up!

So, some dude named Bob keeps sending me "helpful" emails. In the past week alone I've gotten:

We can sell your home no matter what you owe. Get FREE Short Sale Help TODAY!
Learn How to Make a living on eBay
Get Great Travel Benefits From AARP for less that $2/Month
Bankruptcy isn't the answer, we could fix your debt problems
Six Months FREE HD Programming, Dish Network
Government grants available - act now
Are you over 50 and looking for someone?
Look younger in 30 seconds
Ebay eWorkers Needed ASAP
Take that vacation you've been dreaming about with 2 Free American Airlines Tickets!Saturday, July 4, 2009 10:13 AM
Now it's your turn to SCOOP UP some CASH...
Get Free Home Security Alarm Quotes from Brink's Home Security, and GE Security.
You can make a 6 figure income right now
Satellite TV from $9.99. Free Equipment, install & DVR
Flush out pounds with Acai-Green
Dental Invention Deliver Bright Smile Fast!
You have a Secret Crush!

OK, the Secret Crush one might be interesting but other than that, I'll pass on all of these offers.

Man, I hate spammers.

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