My Morning

3:00 AM(ish) Wide awake for no apparent reason.
4:06 Look at time.
Discover that George is wide awake at 4:06.
Play fetch with crackle ball.
Headbutted into giving ear and neck scratches.
Receive kitty bath.
Go to bathroom.
Return to find stuffed mouse in my sleep spot.
Try to decide if mouse was already there and the reason I woke up or a new addition courtesy of George.
George isn't talking so I give up.
Fling mouse down hallway hoping to get George out of the room.
Try to think happy thoughts.
Contemplate lack of love life. (NOT a happy thought.)
Make mental grocery shopping list.
Get up to see if paper was delivered early.
No paper, so grabbed book.
Read 10 chapters of book.
6:20 Eyes are very tired.
Try to go to sleep.
Distracted by toilet running.
Try to figure out why toilet is running but have no clue.
Try to go to sleep.
Get up and put hammer under bar in back of toilet to keep it from running. Leak somewhere, I guess.
Try to sleep.
Read more of my book.
Make snack of apple slices and peanut butter with some water.
Defend snack from George.
Forced to give George water from the bottle cap.
Paper is here!
Read paper.
Forced to play with feather on a stick.
Fling feather on a stick down the hallway in order to distract George.
Played fetch with feather on a stick.
Started mentally writing this blog post.
7:00 Tried to go back to sleep.
8:15 Groggily awake.
8:20 Turn off cell phone to avoid FB and Twitter texts.
8:30(ish) Back to sleep!
10:00 Awake.
Calculate that I may have gotten 7 hours of sleep in.
Rise and shine!

OK, so maybe not so much shining. But, I am up. Nothing like eating breakfast at 10:30 in the morning.

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