Game On!

I love playing games. Card games, board games, puzzles, etc., not physical make you sweat games. The former are all fun. However, it seems like all I play lately is Poker with the occasional game of Euchre. My choice for the most part but I also lacked someone to play with.

Recently, a friend of mine and I have started spending our evenings playing games. Of course, we played head to head Hold 'Em because I am all about poker. The first night we played, I dominated him. In his defense, he got crappy cards the whole night. The second night, we played to a tie. I know, hard to fathom that the super-competitive person that I am would accept a tie but I was good with it.

We also played Megiddo. That's a game from my college years that my best friend Andy and I used to play. It's like Pente and it requires some lateral thinking. My friend had never even heard of it and he started beating me right away (until the alcohol kicked in then I took advantage of his less than stellar mental abilities).

Next up was Trivial Pursuit. The most recent cards I had were from the 20th Anniversary Edition so the questions are from 2002 and earlier. I'll just say that he no longer wishes to play that game with me anymore – I rock at it.

I threw him a bone last night with Scrabble. I'm a fair Scrabble player. He's an excellent one. It wasn't even close. While I struggled with having 4 or 5 vowels at all times, he was busy making two and three words at once. Being a good sport (which is actually possible), I'm willing to play again but I'm pretty sure he'll win.

Not sure what's up next. We're working through my selection of board games and we haven't even started all of the card options. I must say I'm quite enjoying it and it's certainly a less expensive evening than going out to the bar or to the movies.

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