But It's Good For Me...

My latest foray into the world of organic produce isn't going so well. I cleaned out the fridge to find out what died in there and it was more a case of what hadn't died. Carrots, tomatoes, a cucumber, two heads of lettuce, squash…all were goopy messes. What a waste.

I haven't been home enough to cook so the veggies aren't getting used. I do get through the fruit because I take it to work for my afternoon snack. My new plan of action is to have veggie breakfasts. Today's breakfast was chard (cooked with two slices of bacon because everything is good with bacon). Tomorrow's may be salad as I need to get through the lettuce.

Next delivery day is this Thursday. Time to get disciplined and to plan out some meals. Oh, and to stay home to have the meals.


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