Well, That Sucked

We've been eagerly awaiting the latest Harry Potter movie for frakking ever. The studio pushed it from last November to this July to maximize sales. I don't know if that was necessary because the HP fans are going to go regardless of what else is playing.

This year, I decided to not do the midnight showing. Actually, it was Sugar Daddy who decided. He said he's too old for that. So, The Rocket Scientist and some of my chick poker pals and I got tickets to the Cine Capri at Tempe Marketplace for the 7 PM showing last night. For the out of towners, that's the biggest theater screen in Arizona (30 by 70) and it's an awesome venue to see a flick.

Chris got there at 4:15 to get in line so we had perfect seats. Fourth row from the rail and dead center. The theater was buzzing though there weren't many costumed folks. I'm guessing they went at midnight.

It seemed like it took forever for the actual movie to start but, once it did, I found myself a bit ambivalent. The teenage relationship stuff was great but there wasn't a ton of action. I knew it was coming though so I was happy to be along for the ride but eagerly waiting for the bif, bam, boom.

Just as Dumbledore and Harry discover the "secret", the screen went pooft and the house lights came on. WTF? It was just getting to the good stuff!

The theater manager popped in to say that the power was out in the whole building and asked us to stay in our seats. Of course, a bunch of people bolted for the rest room which was on minimal emergency lighting. We waited for a few minutes then the manager came back in to say they were evacuating the building.

I was sad. We got readmittance passes and my poker friends decided to go back today to see it again. I have plans tonight, tomorrow, Saturday night and Sunday night. I think TRS and I are going to try to sneak it in on one of the weekend days.

What a bummer. To wait that long for a movie then to not get to see it on opening day. Arghhhhh!

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