It's My Own Damn Fault

A few of the gang decided to get together last night. It was actually Annette's idea so she picked the place. She decided the Teakwoods on Ray and Kyrene (so she said). Being the stickler (and easily lost), I had her email me the address which I passed on to the gang.

Unfortunately, the address she gave me was for a Teakwoods on Ray and 38th St. And, it's no longer a Teakwoods, either.

The Rocket Scientist and Pirate Captain got there first and TRS sent me a text with the name change. Very helpful. Thrill called me as I was heading over and I gave him the name update. We both got there without problems.

It looked like Unruly Julie had some difficulty getting there, though. I wasn't there yet to hear the conversation between the Pirate Captain and her as she was trying to find the place but you could almost see the steam coming off of her when she did arrive.

So, that made 5 out of 6 there. But, no Annette who called the party. I sent her a text, "where are you?" She replied, "I am at Teakwoods on Kyrene and Ray." I told her that wasn't the one she gave us the address for and she said she would head our way.

Time passed by then I got a phone call from Annette looking to be guided in to the restaurant. Only problem was that she'd gone East on Ray and was past the 101. We were West of I-10. Not very close at all.

She finally made it and it was decided that when she says Teakwoods from now on, it's the one on Ray and Kyrene.

It was also decided that the whole thing was my fault.


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