Dinner(s) at The Keg

I was recently introduced to a very nice restaurant, The Keg Steakhouse and Bar. One has been open at Tempe Marketplace for a while but I'd heard it was pricey so hadn't checked it out.

A friend suggested we do dinner there and, being a Type A, he made reservations. It was a Sunday night and the reservation was not needed but it did get us a nice corner table. The décor is very pleasant – dark wood, white linen tablecloths and fancy enough to be romantic but not overwhelmingly so.

I was immediately impressed with the menu as they offered to cook beef Blue Rare (Cool, blue, all the way through.) That is just how I like my cow! I ordered the Three Mushroom Sirloin (A perfectly grilled top sirloin with sautéed portabella,
shiitake and button mushrooms in a balsamic cream sauce, according to the menu). It was quite yummy and came with a loaded potato. My friend had the Prime Rib and that was also good.

The prices were not outrageous except for the wine list. I felt there were too few selections below the $30 range. But then I'm used to BevMo! so I am pretty spoiled.

The only knock I would give is on the service. Our server was pretty young and his performance was competent but he kept calling us "guys". Yeah, not what you want to call a couple when one is, in fact, not a guy.

We went back the next night (don't ask me why) and checked out the bar. Now, that was a bargain. They had happy hour pricing. We each had two big beers (I had Blue Moon) and split a set of Keg Sliders (Three mini prime rib burgers with Swiss cheese, honey BBQ sauce and Bleu cheese sauce.) The sliders were delish and our bill was about $20. Not bad for a nice place like that and it was definitely enough to satisfy our dinner urges.

I imagine we will be going back, especially as it's very close to my house.

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